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       The 2009 Dorcas calendar is offered as a Celebration of Life to the survivors among us and the strong, loving spirits of Dorcas women and all women. The proceeds from the sale of these calendars will make possible the increase of charitable giving by the Dorcas Society. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society in honor of the group's *cancer survivors.

     The Dorcas Society is an historic non-denominational charitable, literary, social, non-profit organization founded on November 23, 1897 by Kate Douglas Wiggin, its first honorary president and well-known author of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. The Dorcas Society is named after Dorcas of the Bible who, after being raised from the dead by Peter, sewed coats and garments for the poor and did other charitable work.

       Much of the Dorcas Society’s on-going work is associated with the preservation and maintenance of the historic Bar Mills Parish House, which continues to be frequently used as a gathering place for various community groups, organizations and events. Originally a train station, the building was purchased and moved with the financial assistance of Kate Douglas Wiggin to its present location in Bar Mills Village, Maine in 1911, the same year Wiggin opened the Salmon Falls Village Library.

       Kate Douglas Wiggin’s philanthropic vision and spirit live on in the Society’s charitable contributions which include scholarships to Bonny Eagle High School students; Christmas baskets and donations to families in need; donations to various organizations, including the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Opportunity Farm, York County Shelter for Abused Women, the Ronald McDonald House, the Buxton Rescue Unit, Day One, and the Visiting Nurse Service, as well as local churches and libraries.

       This calendar represents much of the Society’s history. Most of the photos were taken at Quilcote, the summer home of Kate Douglas Wiggin on Salmon Falls Rd. in Hollis, Maine. Two photos (March and December) were taken at the Brewster Mansion, a National Historic Register site, located on Brewster Place near “Tory Hill” Church (First Congregational Church of Buxton), where the Old Peabody Pew, a play written by Wiggin, is performed annually. The caption of each photo is the title of one of the many Wiggin books and the quotes under the calendars are snippets of her writings. It is of interest that many photos contain a framed picture of Wiggin.

        The Dorcas Society is a multi-generational group which always welcomes new members. Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month. For membership information or to order calendars, please contact the Dorcas Society of Hollis & Buxton at:

Dorcas Dishes Calendar

Celebrate Life

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and handling - 7" x 8.5"

Send Check or Money Order to:
Carla Turner, Quillcote, 20 Salmon Falls Rd, Hollis Center, Maine 04042.

Tastefully revealing, multigenerational photos of Dorcas Dishes. All proceeds go towards Kate Douglas Wiggin philanthropic endeavors that support our mission statement.

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